reconditioned engines

Reconditioned engines

We provide our customers with fast reconditioned engines for different purposes. We supply, among others, engines for heavy duty vehicles, as well as passenger car and van engines. All of the reconditioned engines we supply have a warranty, when the engine is installed into place in accordance with the agreement. We can assist, if necessary, in removing and mounting the engine. We can also supply reconditioned engines quickly to Northern Europe. Substitute engines are to be returned after the mounting of the recondiotioned engine to Tammer Diesel, unless otherwise agreed upon.

List of engines


The reconditioned engines found in our warehouse ensure the continuation of our customers’ work and thus minimize downtimes caused by mechanical breakdowns. We stock, for example, Volvo Penta, Volvo CE, Scania, Perkins, Cummins and Caterpillar engines for various applications, such as working machine tools, port equipment, crushing plants and vehicles. Our heavy vehicle reconditioned are dyno tested and are immediately ready to be taken into use.


We supply engines for passenger cars and vans of all ages. We can also recondition the customer’s own engines. Our specific areas of expertise include, among others, VAG, Mercedes and BMW. We can provide engines ranging from the latest models to old recreational vehicles. In connection with engines, we can deliver gearboxes.


We also supply engines for marine and construction use and stock, for example, Yanmar, Kohler, Lombardini, Kubota, Agco (Sisu) and Perkins engines. Ask for additional information on available brands and models, as well as possible stock situations.

We can also supply used cars and van engines.


Find out in advance the type and serial number of the engine you are inquiring about. With passenger cars and vans, it is important to find out the registration number. In heavy vehicle engine matters, we usually need the work engine type, engine and injection pump number. We need this information in order to ensure the correct engine.

In matters concerning reconditioned engines for heavy vehicles, please contact the management at Lakalaiva, Tampere. Inquiries concerning passenger car and van engines should be directed towards Nekala management, or the nearest service centres.