dyno testing

Dyno testing

We dyno test all of the engines that are reconditioned in Tampere, Finland. We offer the dyno testing of heavy vehicle diesel engines as a separate service. With the aid of a test, we can ensure the operation of the engine and its required performance for its intended purpose. In addition, the engine run-in also occurs during the test run.

Dyno testing equipment

We have two water hydraulic engine power dynamometers. The maximum power of the engines may be around 700 hp. For engine control, the engine’s own control units are used, whenever it is possible. Each test is documented. On the basis of the test drive reports, we will be able to tell the customer, among others, the engine power, maximum torque and other performance characteristics. Test runs are carried out by a specialist, who can also use our diesel personnel, when necessary.

In matters relating to dyno testing, contact the supervisors at Tampere workshop.