Engine repair

The position of Tammer Diesel as a Nordic engine rebuilder is significant. Our experience, expertise and the right suppliers provide us with the capability to repair all engines, without compromising on the quality of the work and components. All of the engines we work on are repaired by experienced professionals in a modern engine repair shop. Our customer base is as broad a spectrum as the engines we repair, from private individuals to large companies. In addition to the repairing of engines for our customers, we also stock off-road exchange engines for immediate shipment. In engine matters, we are a safe choice for both professionals and amateurs.

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Spare parts

Over the decades, we have created supply lines to the originators of the engine components, as well as to the spare parts manufacturers renowned for their high quality, allowing our customers to make clear and calculated spare part solutions.

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Reconditioned engines

Do you need a working engine to replace a broken article or even a spare engine? We supply reconditioned engines quickly all over Northern Europe.

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Diesel services

Tammer Diesel is a versatile diesel expert and authorized Bosch Diesel Center. Our comprehensive diesel services include the repair, testing and spare parts service for almost all diesel components.

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Dyno testing

We offer the dyno testing of heavy-duty diesel engines as a separate service, as well as in connection with engine repairs.

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