diesel pumps

Diesel pumps

We repair diesel pumps in our repair shop located in Tampere, Finland.

We supply injection pumps for all engines. We recondition, among others, inline-, distributor-, common rail- pumps at our repair shop. As a new feature, we test and repair Bosch CP4 common rail pumps. The comprehensive product range also includes our reconditioned cost-effective replacement products. Due to decades of experience and an extensive network of suppliers, we can search and apply the best options for the needs of the customers.

The personnel of the diesel repair shop have been trained by the equipment manufacturers. Our installation personnel are able to test and repair almost all pump models.

We use the latest technology in the pump testing processes and have access to, among others, the following test equipment:

  • Bosch EPS 708 – Common rail – test bench for injectors and pumps
  • Bosch EPS 815 – test bench for pumps and pump injectors
  • Hartridge AVM 2-PC – test bench for injectors and pumps

Our diesel repair shop primarily services and reconditions loose components.

Injectors and pumps for reconditioning that are attached to passenger cars and vans are removed at our other services stations, from where they are delivered to Lakalaiva for testing and reconditioning.

Heavy duty injectors and pumps are supplied detached to our diesel repair shop in Tampere. If necessary, our service professionals will assist in the removal of the components.

Pumps are supplied for testing well protected, in a sealed plastic bag. Ensure that the injection pump is not leaking fuel. Along with the pumps, the following necessary information should also be supplied: contact information, machine and engine data, the number of hours in use / kilometres and a description of the fault. Using this information, we will be able to achieve the best results.

Delivery address: Tammer Diesel Oy, Asentajankatu 5, 33840 Tampere, Finland


Injection pumps are cleaned and fault codes are read from electronically controlled pumps. Subsequently, the pumps are disassembled and the components are cleaned using an ultrasonic method. After cleaning, the components are checked and on this basis, the need for spare parts is determined. A cost estimate is then formed for the customer.


The assembly of a pump is performed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


A reconditioned pump is adjusted and, if necessary, programmed in the test bench to the manufacturer’s specification. The values are documented in a test report. A reconditioned product is provided with the proper protection for delivery.

In accordance with the Bosch Quality Scan -software, from 2016 onwards, reconditioned pumps will be documented directly into the Bosch system. The system can display the repair work carried out and the replacement parts used on the pumps. A new feature under this program will be the repair of CP4 common rail pumps.


We recondition the most common pump models for immediate delivery. We can also provide replacement pumps, reconditioned by the first time installation manufacturers. Substitute pumps should be returned in the agreed upon replacement pump package, in a plastic bag.

The eligibility criteria for replacement pump substitutes can be viewed here.

Our supervisors will be happy to serve you in all matters concerning pumps.