diesel injectors

Diesel injectors

Diesel injectors are repaired in our shop located in Tampere, Finland.

We supply injectors for diesel engines. Our comprehensive product range also contains high-quality reconditioned and cost-effective replacement products from our diesel repair shop. Due to our decades of experience and our extensive network of suppliers, we’ll find the solutions for our customers’ needs.

Our diesel repair shop personnel have been trained by the manufacturers. The testing and reconditioning of injectors are carried out by specifically trained technicians.

The injectors are only repaired in clean room that are designed primarily for this express purpose and, which is carried out according to Bosch quality standards. The premises are regularly audited.

We use the latest technology for testing the injectors, utilising the following test equipment:

  • Bosch EPS 708 – common rail- test bench for injectors and pumps
  • Bosch EPS 815 – test bench for unit pump injectors
  • Bosch EPS 200 – common rail- test bench for injectors
  • Bosch EPS 100 – test bench for mechanical injectors

We would be happy to provide additional information on the following nozzles:
• Common rail injectors
• Pump injectors
• Mechanical injectors

Delivery of diesel injectors for testing / reconditioning

Injectors and pumps that are attached to passenger cars and vans are disassembled at our other services stations, from where these components are delivered to our diesel repair shop for testing and reconditioning.

Heavy duty injectors and pumps are supplied detached to our repair shop in Tampere. If necessary, our service professionals will assist in the removal of the components.

Injectors are supplied for testing well protected in a sealed plastic bag. Along with the injectors, the following necessary information is also supplied: contact information, machine and engine data, the number of hours in use / kilometres and a description of the fault. Using this information, we will be able to achieve the best results.

Injector testing

The initial measures performed on injectors always depend on the type of injector. For example, the tested common rail and piezo injectors are cleaned with an ultrasonic method prior to testing. This measure ensures the correct test results. After cleaning, the diesel technician performs the test with the appropriate equipment. The test results for each injector are documented. On the basis of the report, it is possible to determine whether the injector is in good condition, repairable and whether the reconditioning is of economic sense.

Injector reconditioning

A tested injector that is deemed to be eligible for reconditioning will be disassembled and parts will be replaced, as necessary. With the basic reconditioning of injector, ground nuts, nozzles, valve, valve seal ring, valve ball, ball-bearing, retaining nut and O-rings / ring are normally changed. If required, we can also change electrical components, such as solenoids. Finally, the reconditioned injectors are tested and the test results are documented. After the testing and reconditioning, the injector is covered.

In the future, according to the Bosch Quality Scan programme, reconditioned injectors will be documented directly into the Bosch system. The system can display the repair work carried out and the replacement parts used on the injectors.

Replacement diesel injectors

We recondition the most common injector designs for immediate delivery. We can also provide replacement injectors, reconditioned by the first time installation manufacturers. Substitute injectors should be returned in the agreed upon replacement injector package, in a plastic bag.

The eligibility criteria for replacement injector substitutes can be viewed here.

We would be happy to assist you in all injector matters.